First Blog!

You have just heard and discussed Coleridge’s “silent icicles, / Quietly shining to the quiet Moon….” Write your own description in prose or poetry of some moments of intense silence where you feel your experience has opened up to a new world of understanding.


I yelped only for the sound to be drowned by the constant static of machinery. Still however, loud enough for the tenant to have found humour in the farm dog having brushed my leg. There she sat, chain-smoking at half past four in the morning, all too wired to rest. I only managed to sigh as diesel added to my already coffee stained singlet, a scene that seemed too common to curse.  With earmuffs on I held up traffic as per usual whilst hitting each pothole towards town, once again taking notice of my cemented cologne of manure.

Each meter gained as I drifted away from the road increased in warmth upon my skin. Without a single crunch, I shifted lower in gears as I headed towards the calm flow of the river. I eventually rolled to a halt. With eyes still focused on the water, I pulled the choke and floated down with the aid of the step. Lush palmetto beneath me, I sat and surrounded myself in the beauty of this particular dawn. I’ve been here before only slightly upstream.

I closed my eyes as my mind vividly returned to a square of heads upon ankles. Each comforting voice posed questions of the universe only to eliminate into none. With all asleep but myself, this unbroken silence could hopefully last forever. Sun rays rising up my face and body cool from the morning dew, the delightful tickling of ants couldn’t even disturb this moment of teenage bliss. As my breath soon slowly synced to the pace of my friends, our connecting gait walked into only that of a memory to never be relived.

3 thoughts on “First Blog!

  1. Hi Hamish, I love that first paragraph of yours- even if I don’t fully understand what you are describing! But your language has real LIFE. It comes alive! So please continue your creative writing in this mode. You DO have a real talent here…. But when you get a chance come and tell me what exactly is being described in this scene. I like the mystery of it, but I would also like to know what is going on…..

    One phrase is really mysterious and may need changing: only to eliminate into none. – what do you mean by this????

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  2. Hi Hamish. This was such a pleasure to re-read for the second time after the first read of it in class. So wonderfully written, to me, this is a quality piece of creative writing. I could vividly imagine the landscape, the sounds, and the colours of the ambience you were pitching for. You’ve cleverly taken into account all the human senses here. I got a complete picture of rugged, harsh around the edges but gentle inside farm-boy type!
    Awesome work here Hamish. Good luck with the rest of the semester and I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Yas

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