Blog Four!

Write a letter to your state parliamentarian telling him how your suburban environment is being effectively destroyed by eroding the natural landscape and putting high-rise apartments in the place of shrubs and trees.

To whom it doesn’t concern,

I’m writing this letter to voice my opinion over the devastating housing developments that are plaguing the Hawkesbury. Now I know what you’re thinking, “how could I, the state parliamentarian be concerned? I don’t even live there!” Which is a fair point. You don’t have to sit in hour-long traffic just to go home to your family after a long day of work because your roads are adept to the rising population. But ours are not! You have to fix the problem before adding to it. And don’t even think about claiming that replacing our historical two-lane bridge with another two-lane bridge will solve anything. We all know that’s a project destined for failure.

But the most important thing your delusional mind must be forgetting is the beautiful landscape! Where will we take our children to experience and explore what nature has to offer? It sure as hell won’t be to the neighbour’s house that’s walls are one meters distance from our own! The Hawkesbury needs a rising population to add to the community, but not at this rate and certainly not at this time.

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