Blog Five!

Explore The Victorian Web: and give a brief account of how valuable this site can be for a comprehensive study of all aspects of Charles Dickens’ work. Provide links to some of the most important things you found there.

The Victorian Web is an excellent source of information regarding the life of Charles Dickens and his remarkable oeuvre. After a brief look around the website I couldn’t help but think to myself, this is quite dull. However, I could not have imagined the amount of information waiting for me when I clicked on the link to his name. This webpage holds content ranging from his works to his political history and everything in between!

This website has greatly assisted in allowing myself to recap upon information that my brain had deemed lost since I studying ‘Great Expectations’ back in high school. The most notable section of the site for me would have to be the in depth biography found via:

Being able to access this 80’s style web account of his life has the potential to inform readers about the context that he formed his literature around. One thing I had never known (which might be obvious to others) is the travels in which he embarked to the United States, Italy, France and Sweden!

However, do be warned! I wouldn’t go as far as to include this information in an essay. Although it is a thorough account of Dickens life, it is stated that the work is not all peer reviewed material. Nonetheless, still an interesting read!

André Gill
14 June 1868
Colored engraving
Éclipse (Paris)

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