Peer Reviews

Peer Review Four

G’day Bruno,

I absolutely loved this post! For me personally, I had no idea how to approach this blog topic and didn’t even attempt it. I believe you nailed the mechanist and inhumane aspects of your suburb so much that I couldn’t help but imagine a dystopian sci-fi scene. My favourite sentence would have to be “It was split into two by a serpent of steel, slithering and sliding, unending in sight”. Besides the alliteration, the imagery in my head was amazing!

Love your work,


Peer Review Three

G’day Caitlin,

This is such a fantastic post! I love how your writing style suits the style of Wuthering Heights itself its as though I’m reading the text! If it hadn’t have been for your (pg 103) reference, I wouldn’t have picked it! Your ability to add so much context ranging from Heathcliff’s love for Catherine, anguish for Edgar and treatment of Hareton with such little word count lee way is next to nothing. To do this and wrap it up with such an empowering concluding sentence has made it an absolute pleasure to read.



Peer Review Two

I love a piece of writing that takes me on a journey like your prose journal entry has! From the first sentence I already felt as though I was in Dorothy’s shoes as you left little to no detail from the beginning! You have a great vocabulary and your use of language really adds special touch to your work. You definitely have a knack for writing!

Hamish 🙂

P.S, I personally enjoyed your incorporation of the Scottish flag too as I am half Scottish myself.

Peer Review ONE

G’day Laura, I really enjoyed this post! I love how whilst describing your own journey you have tapped into the experiences of others at the same time, from the woman and her child all the way to the dolphin like jet skiers. I believe in doing so it has created a more authentic landscape of the Hawkesbury River and definitely engaged myself as the reader.  I also value texts where I learn new words. With your incorporation of the term ‘calico’, it encouraged me to find its definition. So now I know for next time! I look forward to reading any of your future blog posts.